Plane Shift

A ritual spell for transiting between planes.


Arcane/Temporal/Divine Ritual DC 35
Casting Time: 1 minute
Cost: an item native to the destination plane worth at least 10 gp, which is utterly consumed in the process
Duration: Instant
Area: 10’ radius or a single creature/object, see below
Transfers creatures and objects within the radius of a ritual circle inscribed in the ground instantly from one plane to another. If a specific destination in the target plane is desired, an object that has been present in that particular location for at least 1 year must be used in the casting. If a creature or object larger than the 10’ radius is the target of the spell, it must be the sole target and no other creatures/objects may be transferred along with it. The caster(s) of the spell may be inside or outside of the circle when the spell is cast.
Price: 80gp


Plane Shift

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