Risilvon's Shrinkage

A ritual book containing a spell of shrinking.


Arcane Ritual DC 25
Casting Time: 1 hour
Cost: 10 gold/caster level
Duration: 10 days/caster level
One object of up to 1 5’ cube/caster level shrinks to 1/16th its size (approx 1/4000th its present volume and mass). The object can be commanded to resume its normal size as a One-Action.png. It takes Double-Action.png for it to finish growing or shrinking once commanded. If there is not enough space for it to expand, it will not resume normal size. (it will not grow explosively and break things or damage creatures) The object can be commanded to shrink or resume normal size for as long as the effect lasts.


Risilvon's Shrinkage

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